Future of human inventions

What would be shape of the human inventions in future. Most of the Future predictions define what might happen in next ten years or next 20 years. My interest is in taking a field and extending it beyond into infinity. If scientists can think of end of universe, I can surely enjoy thinking of future direction of each human invention. My goal is not lofty. I am not trying to predict what might be invented that is not yet thought of. As a user / human being I am just wondering what could be my best dream. There are no limits in this. However I would like to dream of things that I would pay for or use. Not somethings that can be made.

Take for instance, communication. Telephone enabled human beings to communicate despite the distances. Postal service did the same with lesser cost. Cellular phone has brought the possibility of continuous communication. I can be reached anytime anywhere. One aspect of this would be reducing the size of instrument - mobile. The other would be multimedia communication. What if I can see, touch smell, speak other people I like to. There would be a virtual family. Location would not matter. However I would keep the choice to speak to someone. It is like being with so many people in a room, but not speaking with anyone. If someone wants to speak to me, they can ring me. I will present my self in front of them.

Similarly I wanted to take each field and take it to the extreme. May be like a future target for the inventors of the world. My interest would be to comeout the scenarios logically. More my predictions come true and faster, more I would feel happy. "

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