Ignore-if-you-don't-see-it attitude towards even critical things

Seth's Blog: The problem with "global warming"
"Because you don't see your coal being burned (it accounts for 75% of US electricity) and because the stuff coming out of your car is invisible, and because you don't live near a glacier, it's all invisible."

This applies to bigger issues like global warming, as well to personal projects like reducing weight. If you start becoming fat, but don't notice much, you would probably do nothing about it. However one day some one comments or you realize how shockingly out of shape you became. That drives you to crash diets and morning walks.

Challenge in design is to understand this phenomenon, and still create experiences which are benefitial in long run (like reducing global warming - or "atmosphere cancer").

Most of fast food, furniture design, consumer electronics takes advantage of this phenomenon, while ignoring basic design issues.

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