My image in others

I categorize people – friend, teacher, saint, fighter, father, child, joker …
This is easier way to understand world. Similarly others would be imaging me as one of those kinds. What image do I have among others … What image I want to have…

I want to be an ideator – someone who lives to generate ideas.

So, I would not like to be seen as

  • Saint – who is beyond daily life.
  • Teacher – who helps understand world as it exists
  • Father – Treats others as children who need to be looked after
  • Joker – no one takes seriously
  • Child – very imaginative, but immature to know the world
  • Businessman – profiting from the world

I want to be seen as a Tree

  • Growing fruits (ideas)
  • Exhaling Oxygen (optimism)
  • Photosynthesizing sun energy to food (abstract thought to reality)
  • Inspiration to artists and poets (other ideators )

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