Salt to Taste - designers can give better guidance than that

  1. How does one decide how much of salt is good taste ?
  2. Can a recipe designer guide better ?
Amount of salt is important part of taste of many foods. Yet all the recipes, come with a disclaimer - salt to taste !

Why ?

because salty taste depends on :

1. Salt sensitivity of individual tongue

2. What you eat along (and its saltiness) is dynamic

3. What you eat before and after also matters
This is a challenge for a designer of experiences. Some design parameters have dynamic impact on the final experience.

The following might help :

  • Offer multiple versions of design (like shampoo designers do)

  • Hire tasters with same sensitivity as end users (or designer him/herself becomes such a taster).

  • Allow some variations in dynamic design parameter (Salt) at the end user level.

  • Guide end user (by giving samples with corresponding salt levels) so that end user can take an average design to great levels on his/her own.

Designing for great experience requires one to understand the user at much deeper level.

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