Gillette 5 blades - cuts more wallet than beard
Gillette release 5 blade razor.

Assumption - 5 blades can solve what 3 blades couldnot.

Problem -
When I shave with 3 blades, it takes more strokes to cleanly cut the stubs. or worse some show up above the skin (not a clean shave).

Why ?

  1. blade can't reach low enough on stub (otherwise it might cut skin)
  2. blade is at angle to the stub (hair stubs grow in multi directions)
  3. blade didn't pass over the area (curves of jaw /skin)

Put another blade following the first one. As the first blade cuts and lifts the hair stub, second blade cuts the extra stub that peeps out of the skin.
Good logic. But why have 3 rather than 2. Because 3 is better than 2. and 5 is better than 3. Didn't we learn our Maths!!

But ...
That doesnot solve the problem due to 2 & 3 reasons for bad shave listed above.

Is Gillette solving the problem any better with 5 blades than 3 blades. If not, why should anyone pay more money because Gillette R&D's ineffectiveness.

Does most of the "New" versions from these big companies solve the problems any better than they did earlier.

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