Destruction is always sexier

Which of these two images, attract your attention.
  • Quickly
  • Deeply
  • Longterm

This is the irony of our attention. Destruction is more sexier than construction. Maybe that is the reason why, TV Media shows so much more negative imagery.

Few comparisions :
  • Construction - is slow and messy, while destruction is flashy.
  • Destruction triggers our fight-or-flight response
  • Appreciation of construction needs healthy mind
  • Destruction wows everyone

The other attention grabbers are mystery, challenge, humor ...

It is very tempting for designers to use this affinity of our mind to the spectacular (often destructive) images. But then.. it is always easy to inspire humans to go for war (or terror), while it is very difficult to motivate them to be creative and build something valueable. Ask US Prez, how difficult it would be to realize energy independence (versus energy dominance).

As a designer of experiences, it is very essential to recognise the power of imagery and the responsibility of using it.

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