Circles of Influence on Human Experience

We get experiences from other humans as well as non-humans (life forms and non-life).

A human to human relationship is much more matured and understood concept than human to object relationship. In order to design objects that would be good for humans, a model of human to human relationships could be a guide.

Learning from Human Relationships

  1. Outside the orbits - Attractive (model, beautiful person) - see once in a while; sensory feel - visual, audio ...;
  2. Friends orbit - Interacting - talk to fewtimes in a week; interactive, two-way communication
  3. Family orbit - Relation - Emotional bonding;part of bigger group, we-are-together feeling
  4. Lover orbit - Love - partner; grows, lives together
  5. Self extension - part of - identification, extension of self

Products can be designed to go deeper in to the orbits. Closer to the human, more valueable it is. Sometimes, a product starts at the higher orbits and goes deeper with time. While it is also feasible that a product starts at a deeper level at the beginning.

''What can be done to deepen the product relationship with the human users. ''


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