How to become a 'family' member of the customer

While most of the businesses generate "I like it" feeling. And many also reach to "is My friend" status.

But it is very difficult to become a 'family member' of the customer, user, reader ...

If a stranger wants to become part of our family and gain our trust, what do we look for in him /her.

Below are 10 reasons we trust someone.

Because that person :

  1. won't harm us
  2. would protect us
  3. has never failed us
  4. is part of our family
  5. we compete with, but never at cost of our relationship
  6. guides us
  7. is one we respect
  8. has cried in our grief
  9. we have an emotional bond
  10. is present in all my main life events
What can businesses learn from this. I want to explore with examples, what some businesses are doing to gain customer trust. I would also be looking at Walmart's of the world to analyse what they could be doing to get our trust and not just friendship.

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