What makes a blog, Great !! - a human experience view

“Aieuo” 5 orbits of human experience. (background)

How can one provide the best human experience to the blog reader. It is not just how many you connect with, but also how deep is your relationship with them.

All of us understand what a star, a friend, a family,a lover mean to us.
Can a blog become part of these human orbits ?

Here is what I think are the characters of a blog that can help us get into the reader's inner orbits.

A Attractive like a star

Sexier the better . Can someone notice it from far. Great templates, fonts, styles etc.
- Draw a toon (click this to see great example), add a pic. Anything that ads to the visual drama.
- Shout !! one liners – Put interesting title, which can fit the RSS readers
- Timeout !! attention lost.. – who reads for >5 min on a post. Short readable post.
- A guide to blog design

I Interactive like a friend

- “Please talk to me” – Comments, corrections, advice… anything

- Participate in bigger discussion. Links to other places. See how this master does it.

- So far am I walking the talk ? Maybe I don’t know how to ask questions. But Qs are great triggers of conversations.

- World is boring … promote childlike playful nature …But don’t overdo.

Emotional like a family member

√ Tell stories passionately. Humans are not computers absorbing facts. Audio, video …??
Trust worthy. I am not selling anything. I have an idea to share.
√ Liars should be banned. Truthfulness is a big virtue.
√ Organized thoughts are valuable. Theme based, not random runts.
RSS – Great tool for long term relationships with the reader.

Understanding like a lover

  • Connect with the human inside. Desires, ambitions …et al.
  • Motivate, make life more positive.
  • Invite to share the platform. Co Author with the user.
  • Skype invite .. invite to have one-one chat.

Own-able become part of the user’s identify

The ultimate experience is when users can extend themselves through you. Please quote me if you like. Maybe my cartoon is useful. Or this one page for sharing with friends. … if you like them, you are welcome. Now that I have your attention, I can just chat freely. I hope we can together make better human experiences. By sharing my ideas, I hope it helps someone change the world.

Do you have examples that fits this world view ? Pls. feel free to put in comments.

AIEUO are not just string of jumbled vowels. I think every aspect of our living can be analysed, designed and lived through this. I intend to explore this further in my blogs here. I look forward to my friends to join me in this journey.


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