How to gain customers trust

I trustWhat should the business leaders do to get into the 'family' orbit of the customer's experience levels.

  • Emotion - Make the customer laugh
  1. Check how a business program on radio does it. I love the way Kai ryssdal anchors 'marketplace'[mp3] an american NPR radio program.
  2. Another gem is this program on car repair. How can anyone talk about car repair and generate so much fun. My favorite - cartalk on NPR.

  • Involve Music - Best way to reach hearts

  1. iPod had many good things going for it. Best of all (I think) is that it is a platform of music. Naturally people connect emotionally to it.
  2. Note the way movies use background music to involve the viewer at even deeper levels.
  • Know your customer's other family members
  • Integrate your product into users lifestyle
  • Integrate your product into users home environment
  • Make your product a gateway to other rich experiential environments for the user
  • Guide the user in their life
  • Become an art for the user to admire
Any examples that you have ... or maybe some other parameters !!

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