Future of human inventions

What would be shape of the human inventions in future. Most of the Future predictions define what might happen in next ten years or next 20 years. My interest is in taking a field and extending it beyond into infinity. If scientists can think of end of universe, I can surely enjoy thinking of future direction of each human invention. My goal is not lofty. I am not trying to predict what might be invented that is not yet thought of. As a user / human being I am just wondering what could be my best dream. There are no limits in this. However I would like to dream of things that I would pay for or use. Not somethings that can be made.

Take for instance, communication. Telephone enabled human beings to communicate despite the distances. Postal service did the same with lesser cost. Cellular phone has brought the possibility of continuous communication. I can be reached anytime anywhere. One aspect of this would be reducing the size of instrument - mobile. The other would be multimedia communication. What if I can see, touch smell, speak other people I like to. There would be a virtual family. Location would not matter. However I would keep the choice to speak to someone. It is like being with so many people in a room, but not speaking with anyone. If someone wants to speak to me, they can ring me. I will present my self in front of them.

Similarly I wanted to take each field and take it to the extreme. May be like a future target for the inventors of the world. My interest would be to comeout the scenarios logically. More my predictions come true and faster, more I would feel happy. "

Blogging in future

We humans are unique in the animal kingdom. Each one of us forms a model of the world within his/ her own brain. We percieve every sensory input with respect to this model of world. Each one of us has a defination of "Me" and "World". These models are not monolithic representations of the reality. Our brains keep layers and layers of abstractive representation of reality.

We form these models from the sensory inputs we receive from outside world. But in addition to responding to the raw inputs from the outside, we receive and process second hand inputs. Among the raw inputs from the real world are the second hand inputs from other humans. We process what others say, write, paint, sing. When anyone writes or paints, he /she is expressing a part of his/ her model of the world. We read the news, and we read comments about the news. Because comments provide a different, sometimes better perspective of the real news. We see stories (our relationships, office politics ...) and we read stories told by others. We see beautiful scene in nature and we see a beautiful scene photographed by someone.

There is a social give and take of experience. Poets, authors, painters, bloggers all express their experiences. In olden days, if you wanted to express your experience in a social give away, you had to give your artifacts to the marketeers (editors, publishers..). These people made it possible to take your experiences to the wide world viewers, readers and listeners. You had to depend on these marketeers, unless you didnot want to grow your audience beyond your family and friends.

Each one of us wants to express our thoughts, experiences, fears, joys... because it feels good to share these. Also becuase expressing shapes ones thoughts. Sometimes, it also pays. It is sad that the world of money drives the major part of this phenomenon. I write because I want to earn money. I paint because I want sell and become famous. I want to express because someone will pay me for that.

Blogging is different. You don't need to write for earning. Because you don't need to spend to write. Blogging provides the democratic platform for each one of us to express. Collectively our thoughts would shape our world. More connected, more social animals we become. That is why we are unique in animal kingdom. We have capacity to form a world view /model from the collective wisdom of each one of us. It is not just the power of our brain, it is the power of joining other brains in a parallel computing world.

Common opinions forms groups. In future a nation would not be geographical entity defined by a border, it would be a bigger group of humans who have common world models. There would therefore be millions of nation. Each group is formed because there are common thoughts. no group needs to be homogenious or constant. I would be part of number of groups at any given time. I would change large number of group enrollments in my life time. Tomorrow's leaders would be those who can form a large groups such as this. Legends would be those who could lead groups to sustain with their thoughts and ideas. It deosnot matter if you express by writing, signing, preaching or painting. You can be a leader if you have thougths / ideas which can bring together large no of people.

Blogging in future could redefine many areas of our lives. Scientists, Lawyers, writers, teachers all can be more effective in groups. In groups which are defined only by democratic traditions of blogging. But blogging requires to grow to take my expressions in all forms. I should be able to blog when I speak, or when I paint or when I sing.

Internet , alongwith concept of social interactions such as blogging would redefine everything we know in this world. May be my kid would not understand why we used to publish our poems and put our paintings in galleries. And why we had to satisfy few people before others could see us. Why each one of us strived to turn every expression into money. Maybe I will be part of that world. Where I express because I want to and feel good about. I express because that creates the world for me and many other human beings.