Wires are creating a snakepit in my room

I am fed up with wires all over my place. My room looks like a snake pit. I am looking for elegant solutions. Wires are undesirable side effects of technology. Though wireless is talk of the town, wires aren’t going away anytime soon. It is no more a irritant but a major visual / logistical problem

“Why do wires come in black and grey ?”

I searched for a solution to the wires problem. In fact I found some design solutions. But none of it suits my need. Cable turtle is good, but costs very high $7 per piece.

Google can only take words, dumb thing cannot understand what I am looking for. Google is like an alien who can’t understand that these words have abstract meaning for us humans, that they are just indicators of the meaning. I want someone who can understand my need and show me answers. Any takers !!

Though there are many possible categorizations fro wires, such as power v/s communication, stiff v/s flexible etc., one I like is

  1. Wall wires (W-wires) - connecting devices to wall for power
  2. Device Wires (D-wires) - interconnecting devices (mostly for information exchange)
  • Each device requires one W-wire
  • Increase in no of boxes, increases no of D-wires
  • When devices are portable – all D-wires and W-wire should automatically adjust to that.
  • Each device has many kinds of D-wire ports, increasing complexity

For instance I have

27 devices with 31 W-wires and 24 D-wires. Many (15) W-wires need to be mobile.

Which means

  • 41 Movable wires
  • 14 Fixed wires

Movable wires should be flexible, while fixed wires can be semi flexible. Fixed wires can be tucked behind (most often), but movable wires are the snakes.

Position and connections of each device are the drivers of confusion. Before designers solve universality problem, I have to solve my wires problem. Though few dos /don’ts can be thought about device positions and connection processes.

Movable wires should be :

  • As long as I want (not an inch more not an inch less)
  • Mix well with the background (ground, table, kitchen platform …)
  • Bundled for look but separate to de-plug.

Keeping existing wires as is, easiest solution is sleeves.

Sleeves should :

  • Hide extra length
  • Match background color
  • Easy to bundle /un-bundle wires
  • Cheap / reusable (can’t be more than $1 per sleeve !!)
  • One kind fits all
  • Plastic or rubber
  • Helps to loop better

In addition to wires, there is problem of converters (AC to DC). Some stick to wall, some are free (becoming one more device).

All that wire designers thought of are Velcro tags. So loop your wire and wrap it with a Velcro tag.

Is there a better solution to this problem. Isn't this a big business opportunity for someone !!

My image in others

I categorize people – friend, teacher, saint, fighter, father, child, joker …
This is easier way to understand world. Similarly others would be imaging me as one of those kinds. What image do I have among others … What image I want to have…

I want to be an ideator – someone who lives to generate ideas.

So, I would not like to be seen as

  • Saint – who is beyond daily life.
  • Teacher – who helps understand world as it exists
  • Father – Treats others as children who need to be looked after
  • Joker – no one takes seriously
  • Child – very imaginative, but immature to know the world
  • Businessman – profiting from the world

I want to be seen as a Tree

  • Growing fruits (ideas)
  • Exhaling Oxygen (optimism)
  • Photosynthesizing sun energy to food (abstract thought to reality)
  • Inspiration to artists and poets (other ideators )

Product design to inspire user stories

I have a story in me

All advertisements tell stories.

But how many products can inspire user stories ...

When a product or service makes me feel good
I get a story in me..

I want to express that story to others ...

So the ultimate in product / service design is to inspire stories in the users ...

My story line
is to inspire a "Eureka" "I-discovered-it" story in you ...the reader

If I could inspire ... you would love my product ... this story and therefore you would stick with me .. and make my day. But then how many can inspire a story in the readers

Write to me if you figured out the products that inspired these images .. stories.