Friendly product !! - what it takes to create one

My friendFor products and services to be friendly, I suggest to do the same things that we do to be a friend with someone.

Below are my top parameters for being friendly.

Friendly parameters
  • Interactive - Interacts with me
  • No hassle - He /she is nice to me
  • Positive feeling - I feel happy to be with
  • Share environment - We have lots of common things to talk about
  • Playful - we play together
  • Safe - Feels safe with him/her
  • 24x7 availability - Available anytime I want
  • Buddy connections - Connects me to other interesting friends
  • Supportive - I can reach out in need
  • Dependable - I can depend on him/her

We are very good at knowing a friendly face. Check this out ... Which of the below looks friendly to you. Bookmark each one with an appropriate (Friendly or Unfriendly) tag ( or any other). If you tell me where you bookmarked, I can publish our collective opinion.

Which one is the friendly face ??

(I don't mean who is actually friendly or unfriendly, it is just the feeling from these photographs)

While researching for these pics, I figured that it is very easy to search for a friendly face by typing friend, friendly tags in flickr. But how does one find 'unfriendly' pics. There were very few with that tag and those were, were not impressive. "So dumb !!" you must be saying, "no one likes to take pictures of unfriendly faces !"

Which products generate friendly feeling even before we buy them ?

No one like unfriendly products - dumb !!


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